Meet Kimberly

Your Personal Concierge

Los Angeles has so much to offer, things to do and places to visit...sometimes you need an insider to sift through to discover the very best. My name is Kimberly, and I am a native L.A. girl (4th generation!). I have developed unique personal relationships and connections throughout L.A. and am linked to every online site to ensure knowledge of the most current daily, weekly, monthly, and pop-up events around town. I am aware of EVERYTHING there is to do in L.A. at all times: museums, pop-ups, seasonal activities, restaurants, bars, holiday events, shopping, spas, tea rooms, theatres, speakeasies, indoor and outdoor activities, sports, tours… you name it, you think it, and I know about it. I can also create curated and unique experiences, as well as plan day trips. I have a passion for Los Angeles and I want to share it with you so you can experience my city like a local.


 Testimonial Time

What Our Grateful Clients Have to Say

“Kimberly knows the city of L.A.! When I could not entertain my out of town guests, she put together a package of two days of sight seeing and restaurant hopping. I would have never thought of this even though I’ve lived here for 35 years. There truly is an art to it, and Kimberly has it down.”


Let’s Begin

How I Plan Your Perfect Itinerary

Whether you’re here for a weekend getaway, a business trip, a multi-stop tour of California, or just want to plan the ultimate staycation, I will customize and design your customized itinerary. Every itinerary is different as they are personalized for each and every client.

I will discuss with you details such as your length of stay, group size, reason you are visiting (vacation, work, a wedding, etc.), ages, likes and dislikes (are you goodies, art lovers, sports fans), any preferences (wishes to see touristy, local sites or both) and other preferences. I will then proceed to plan the perfect experience based on our conversation.

Once we have settled on an itinerary, I will make all the reservations, be on call for you if you encounter traffic, have last minute changes or any questions, etc. And if you will be in L.A. for awhile, I can work with you on a long-term contractual basis. Your very own personal entertainment concierge, if you will.