At L.A. Any Day, I can customize your stay based on a particular “theme” of your choosing. Anything from concerts to restaurants, tours to wine tasting, we can tailor a package for just about anything or anyone. I’ll add in any of your must-see destinations, work around pre-planned activities, and offer great experience options that are best suited for you and your guests.


Truly Unique

not your average travel agency

What Makes L.A. Any Day Different from a Hotel Concierge or Travel Agent?
I don't send a client anywhere that I haven't been myself!

When I create professional, custom-tailored itinerary, my information is up-to-date and based on personal experiences (not review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor). Plus, my personal network gives me connections to sports and concert tickets, nightclubs, restaurants, and more. My clients can expect complete personal attention; I am available by phone at all times if plans need to change, and I provide any relevant information for every destination, clothing suggestions, traffic apps, tipping, how to act around celebrities, scooter rules, smoking and marijuana regulations, Uber and Lyft apps, solicitors and homelessness, how to get around L.A., and how to blend in more like a local and not get taken advantage of as many tourists.

If you what to make the most of any day in L.A., you need to give me a call.


How This Works

Where to Stay - Where to Go - Where to Eat

To get started, you fill out a questionnaire that helps me know your basic travel plans and interests. Our follow-up phone call is where I really get to know you, who you’re traveling with, interests, special needs, accommodations, must-see destinations, etc. Using my extensive knowledge of L.A. and my inside connections I begin planning the perfect itinerary based on YOU and experience YOU want to have.


 Choose Your Adventure

and I plan the perfect day

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